Chronic Disease Management


Chronic Disease Management

Chronic diseases cause the majority of deaths and disabilities in Australia, and over half of all Australians have at least two of the risk factors for these diseases. The Cameron Park Healthcare independent doctors are concerned about Chronic Disease Management because, according to statistics, 50% of Australians aged 45-64 have one or more chronic diseases. When you meet with one of our independent expert doctors for a consultation, you'll look into the chance of getting a personalised GP Management Plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangement (TCA) for you or a family member.

There are two kinds of chronic disease management plans for patients:

A GP Management Plan

A Team Care Arrangement

Eligible Patients

The Key to Better Health

If you meet the criteria, our nursing professionals will set up a time to assist you in developing your GPMP and TCA, including the necessary Allied Health Referral. During this time, we will do an in-depth medical examination, collect vital information, and coordinate our efforts with those of any other treating medical professionals. The entire procedure takes no more than 30 minutes, and you'll quickly receive your referral to an Allied Health professional.

Patients who qualify will be pleased to learn that their sessions with our nurses to complete the GPMP and TCA will be free. Access is further expanded because no payments are required with a valid Medicare card.

Consistent Care and Ease

You can receive up to five subsidised Allied Health consultations per year, and a new plan becomes available to you when a year has passed.
So, if you want to manage your chronic illness better, use our Professional GP Care Plans. Let our team of concerned experts lead you to better health and happiness.