General Medicine


General Medicine

The General Medicine service of Cameron Park Healthcare helps patients who have many health issues and no clear medical diagnosis. General Medicine is one of our primary services, caring for patients with complex and chronic diseases who require serious healthcare.
Cameron Park Healthcare's caring, independent doctors and nurses handle patients of all ages, genders, and diseases. Our healthcare facility provides you with the finest care possible.

Cameron Park General Medicine specialty areas include:

Infectious Diseases



Kidney Care

Aged Healthcare

Respiratory Medicine

Perioperative Medicine

Focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities:

Our team of highly trained, independent medical practitioners welcomes all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to make an appointment. We want to eradicate healthcare inequities and promote healthcare in these communities.

Cameron Park Healthcare Mission is to Minimise Health Inequalities

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, please let us know when making an appointment. The friendly receptionist staff can answer any questions or address any problems.