Skin Cancer Checks


Checking for Skin Cancer Is Essential Because You Deserve the Best Care for Your Skin

Did you know skin cancer is easier to treat if found early? Most people who get cancer in Australia get skin cancer. It might be hard to find by yourself if it's on your upper back. Don't put your health at risk. At Cameron Park Healthcare, we'll take care of you. Contact us immediately to learn more about our world-class skin cancer screening and treatment services that can be done on the same day. We are not specialised skin cancer clinics, but we can help you manage basic skin cancers checks and refer you if needed.

Cameron Park Healthcare Skin Cancer Checks Services

"Skin checks" entail in-depth analyses of the skin's condition


Excision, shaving, and punch biopsies for all simple skin lesions. Please talk to your doctor for further discussion/referral

Nearly all cases of skin cancer can be removed surgically

Referral for surgical excision of skin malignancies

Care After Removal of Skin Cancer

Consistent follow-up after a skin cancer excision

"Skin checks" entail in-depth analyses of the skin's condition

Prevention of skin cancer through lessons on sun protection

Raising Public Awareness About Skin Cancer

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) suggests that you have your skin checked once a year:

Complete skin examinations are available from any of our experienced independent medical practitioners.

Kindly inform us at the appointment if you require a "Skin Check" session.