Vaccination Clinic


Vaccination Clinic

The Australian government strongly encourages Annual flu vaccinations for everyone over six months. You and the people around you can benefit from the flu vaccine at Cameron Park Healthcare. Protecting infants under six months and individuals with compromised immune systems, among other at-risk community members, is our highest priority.

Our Vaccinations include

Immunisations: A Way to Improve Health

Our flu shots are suitable for a wide variety of people. Everyone, from infants to senior citizens, feels secure.

Concern for Children's Safety

Your children will be safe with us since we adhere to the NSW Immunisation Schedule when administering immunisations to newborns and children.

Influenza Vaccine Once a Year

Those who qualify can get a free vaccination against influenza each year at our Annual Influenza Vaccination Clinic.

Anti-Pneumococcal Prevention

Patients who qualify for free pneumococcal immunisations should rest easy knowing they are protected from a potentially deadly disease.

Regular Injections for Enhanced Vitality

Your injection needs, including B12, iron, depot contraception, and depot antipsychotics, can be met here. Trust in us to give you a jolt of energy.

Numerous Vaccine Options

Vaccines for various diseases include Hepatitis B, Tetanus, Whooping Cough, and Typhoid. We can give these vaccinations after doctor advise and valid prescriptions.

Ready, Set, Vaccinate for Travel

Are you currently globetrotting? Your required vaccines for international travel are on us. Use the immunisations we've provided to keep yourself safe in any situation.